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for fluid Leak Detefction in the Water & Oil Industry

The Detectron Model XL-2 is a compact, fully transistorized audio amplifier with built-in relative intensity meter. Used by plumbers, contractors, water departments, oil industries and maintenance engineers. This instrument is primarily designed as a fluid leak detector for the water and oil industry. It is also ideally suited for detection and  study of a wide variety of other sounds created by vibration. Vibrations created by pressure fluid leaks in pipes, faulty bearings in a reciprocal engine, etc., are picked up by a super-sensitive magnetic transducer and converted into electrical impulses. These impulses in turn pass through the high gain temperature stable, four stage amplifier. Detected sounds can be observed both on the visual meter and headphones. Eleven,  narrow band channels allow the operator to select desired sounds while rejecting unwanted background noises. The Detectron Model XL-2 is greatly superior in every aspect to many more expensive instruments of this  type.

Leak Detecting without contact with Piping System


  • Construction: Instrument weighs only 2 lbs. (.907 Kg) and is housed in a rugged anodized aluminum case. Double anodized panel; MIL  Spec.. printed circuit board; rugged case aluminum transducer pick-up housing. (this quality construction will allow for many trouble-free years of operations despite adverse field conditions). The complete instrument, ready to operate, comes in a compartmented, molded ABS plastic carrying case.
  • Circuitry: The solid state" circuitry utilizes the very latest in silicone
    transistors to ensure against internal noise and to achieve the maximum
    reliability and stability, even at extreme ambient temperatures. Although the
    need for service other than battery replacement is rare, the printed circuit
     board is of unpotted modular design for easy access.
  • Battery: Uses one readily available 9 volt battery.
  • Battery Test Switch: Allows for instantaneous reading of battery
    condition which eliminates field downtime due to faulty batteries.
  • Pick-up: A highly sensitive magnetic transducer housed in rugged cast
    aluminum. Construction is such that vibrations caused by escaping fluids
    are accentuated.
  • Filter: An eleven position filter which tunes through the entire audio spectrum makes it possible to tune in on the band of sounds produced by a particular leak, while at the same time eliminating background and road noises which otherwise might obscure the leak. A twelfth, wide-band position gives the detector an unfiltered frequency response of 30 cps to 15,000 cps. Instrument is also equipped with a "mute" switch.
  • Amplifier: Efficient, high gain, four stage amplifier uses modern temperature stabilized circuitry and all silicone transistors to ensure maximum reliability even when operated at ambient temperature extremes. The transistor types used in the circuit were chosen for their low noise characteristics, thus keeping internal noise at the lowest possible level. A circuit gain greater than 100 db increases minute sounds to 100,000 times their original strength. These high gain and low noise features, along with the eleven channel filter, combine to form a leak detector capable of tracing leaks under the most difficult conditions.

Leak Detecting with contact with Piping System

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